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Where are the Templates rather than AiDA - I need more control when starting


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On Feb 10, 2019 Tris wrote:

Your video Tutorials for Getting Started show two ways to get going. One by using a Website Builder that allows choices from Templates, and the other way via the quite annoying AiDA which allows approximately zero control and which I find to be ultra-annoying because I have very little chance of getting the layout I need.

Have you done away with the manually configurable templates where I could at least pick a vaguealy suitable layout?

All I'm after is centralised layout, with the logo above the menu bar, but getting AiDA to create this is virtually impossible.

It can be done with AiDA, I had one layout that did it, everything nicely aligned centrally, but I'm damned if I can get AiDA to do it again with some more preferable other layout options.

What gives? And why is it so hard just to start of with some basic simple settings rather than make a ton of choices for me that 99.9% of the time are not going to be suitable, or what I want, and takes ages to keep running through the whole process to see if something good might come up, as well as all the time and effort it takes deleteing all the unsuitable sites that keep getting pointlessly saved in my dashboard.

Where are the Templates as shown in the video!!! They are just what I need as a basis from which to design - I'm finding AiDA so pointless with almost zero configurabilty and I find it to be a complete waste of time having absolutely nothing predictable, repeatable or useable for my intended purposes in terms of style and layout options.

Please tell me how I can make the choices instead of AiDA, as she can't be trusted to do the right thing at all for layout purposes.

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On Feb 11, 2019 Tris wrote:

So I found the templates by searching google ( - strangely not mentioned on except for the initial training video!

There are only 20 templates available and only two have the logo centrally aligned above the menu.

I've tried using the templates several times now as a basis to start a site but nothing happens other than seeing a spinning cogs animation forever. The sites show in "Your Website" tab of my account, but if I click on any of them I just get back to the spinning cogs animation.

I am now assuming these don't work at all and perhaps are being removed from Bookmark? (but why are they still accessible?)

So, back to my original problem - how to get bookmark to create a starting layout with the logo placed centrally above the menu bar?

It's shame to see all the wonderful abilities of Bookmark, but failing on simple initial design & layout choices for which AiDA and the following configuration options allow for very little configurabilty or choice.

answered 4 years ago

On Apr 14, 2019 justincredible commented:

That no longer seems to be an option but i agree, we really should be able to start from scratch with a template..


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On May 26, 2020 Sandra Lester wrote:

I'd like to be able to start with a template as well. Could have AiDA add to it.

answered 3 years ago


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