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A Glimpse of Texas Past

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“A Glimpse of Texas Past”  (Click here to go directly to my column)

“A Glimpse of Texas Past” is the name of my history column that appears once a month in the online magazine There you will find articles on Texas history and a few other select topics of interest. The history articles currently posted are:

1. 12/13/10  “The San Antonio Council House Fight”

2. 01/09/11  “The Great Comanche Raid and the Battle of Plum Creek”

3. 01/26/11  “The Expedition of Colonel John Moore”

4. 02/09/11  “Lamar’s Wild Goose Campaign to Santa Fe”

5. 02/21/11 “The Battle of the Salado”

6. 03/11/11 “A March into Hell: The Mier Expedition”

7. 04/01/11 “The Battle of Walker’s Creek and the Colt Patterson Revolver”

8. 05/01/11 “The Journey of Cabeza de Vaca”

9. 06/01/11 “Coronado’s Search for Cibola”

10. 07/01/11 “La Salle and French Exploration in Early Texas”

11. 08/01/11 “Father Miguel Hidalgo and the Mexican Revolution”

12. 09/01/11 “Texas Filibusters”

13. 10/01/11 “Texas Empresarios”

14. 11/01/11 “The Rising Tide of Revolution”

15. 12/01/11 “The Battle of Gonzales: “Come and Taket It”

16. 01/02/12 “The Siege of San Antonio de Bexar”

17. 02/01/12 “The Battle of the Alamo”

18. 03/01/12 “Massacre at Goliad: A Texas Tragedy”

19. 04/01/12 “The Battle of San Jacinto”

20. 05/01/12 “Sam Houston and Mirabeau Lamar: A Contrast of Visions”

21.  06/01/12 “Paint Rock: The Last Comanche Fight of Jack Hays”

22.  07/01/12 “Sam Walker Texas Ranger and the Walker Colt”

23. 08/01/12 “The Meusebach-Comanche Treaty”

24. 09/01/12 “The Texas Rangers at the Battle of Monterrey”

25. 10/01/12 “Diablos Tejanos: The Texas Rangers on the road to Mexico City”

26. 11/01/12 “The Battle of Antelope Hills”

27. 12/01/12  “The Yucatan Adventure”

28. 01/01/13 “Trouble along the Rio Grande”

29. 02/01/13 “Secession: Texas Leaves the Union”

30. 03/01/13 “Civil War in the Southwest”

31. 04/01/13 “Civil War on the Texas Gulf Coast”

32. 05/01/13 “Dissention and the Draft in Civil War Texas”

33. 06/01/13 “The Cavalry of the West”

34. 07/01/13 “The Birth of a Republic”

35. 08/01/13 “The Capitals of Texas”

36. 09/01/13 “The Battle of the Neches”

37. 10/01/13 “Land Policy and Foreign Settlement in the Republic of Texas”

38. 11/01/13 “The Struggle for Annexation” 

39. 12/01/13 “Civil War Reconstruction in Texas”

40. 01/01/14 “The Era of the Texas Cattle Drives”

41. and my latest article posted on 02/01/14 ” The Texas Frontier Battalion”

*** My next article will discuss “Leander McNelly and the Special Force” due to be released 03/01/14 ***

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Please enjoy yourself and thanks for reading.

Jeff Robenalt

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