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On Aug 2, 2019 Remi Erogbogbo wrote:

 I've struggled with being found in local search. I have an SEO intern working with me right now and I'm seeing that the use of Bookmark is slowing my SEO initiatives down because it does not have some of the features bigger site builders have. To date we / I am trying to set up 

- Rich snippets so that my google reviews show in in the search message 

- Site map... there is a site map feature with bookmark but despite creating a custom site map to submit to google - it is not recognised? How can I embedd my reviews on my website so they feature. I have created a link for the custom site map but it is not working. Where do we choose the preferred domain 

- Find a plug in or widget to be able to add my google reviews to my website (I did this very easily in wix). Is this done in custom hhtp / code using the modules? I have been able to add my Yelp reviews to the home page how do I do this for my google reviews. 

- The load speed is an issue, and whilst I will be compressing my pictures there seems to be no other way to improve this at this current time? Pls advise? 


The site builder is great but if i cannot fix search and SEO like you said my website is useless. I have seen 100% drop in sales since moving over. I was hoping to minimise recurring fees and use a service from a non established growing platform. But it seems I may have to revert to the big site builders if I am to have a chance at getting found. 

The tuturials promised on the sales page are very limited. What I would like to see is how we can can get an expert to help continue builder this site but because no one has heard of bookmark I have been unable to get a medium priced freelance web dev to touch my site. How does this compare to weebly, wix and square space and which of the sites does bookmark best resemble so that I can select the right person for both my SEO and to complete the site. 

Whilst there are SEO features they seem to be very basic. Alternatively what would have been good to see is thorough tutorials on ho wto optimise the site with Bookmark. As it stands I cannot recommend this build to friends and family unless they are looking for a static site that they will occassionally use. 

Thank you 

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