Getting to Know Social Media

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Satish k. Paul
Technical & Digital Marketing Writer - White Papers



      Defining the 'social' in Social Media
      Five major social media platforms
      Benefits of social media
      Stunning and interesting facts
      Need for strategy and how to develop it


      Planning Your Social Media Goals and Developing the Strategy
      Let's Start with Facebook
      Choosing Facebook Pages
      Facebook Group
      Twitter Culture
      Making the most out of your
      Networking through LinkedIn
      The Basics of Google+
      Why you should care about YouTube#Uf025
      Considering a Blog


      Effective Strategies for Facebook
      How to Transform LinkedIn Contacts into Connections
      Blogging for Business Success
      Enhancing online presence with Google+
      The Best of the Rest - Other Platforms (Flickr, Pinterest & ...
      How to Make Social Media Profitable#Uf025
      Tools for Social Media Management
      Using Social Media for Meetings
      Managing Your Online Reputation
      Social Media Best Practices