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Ai Suggestions

Monitoring visitor interactions on your website, your Artificial Intelligence Design Assistant (AiDA) sends you website optimization suggestions. Implementable with a single click, these suggestions are designed to improve visitor experience and boost their engagement with your website.

Drag & Drop

Editing your website is now fun and easy with Bookmark’s innovative design editing tools. Simply drag & drop sections and elements to your website and customize it to fit your unique needs. The website builder is optimized fully for the non-technical entrepreneur and small business owner!

Free Email

Get your free and personalized business email address included in the first year of our yearly plans. Using a professional email address to communicate with your leds and customers improves the credibility of your business. Get your free professional email id today with Bookmark!

Custom Domain

Impress your visitors by looking professional with your own unique custom domain for your website. Simply register a domain or upgrade to use a domain you already own. You get a free custom domain for a year when upgrading to a Bookmark yearly plan. You can use a free Bookmark sub-domain during your 14 day free trial, and after you have upgraded to a paid plan if you do not wish to connect a custom domain.


Automatically translate your website to over 100 different languages using Bookmark’s powerful AI. Create up to 3 translated versions of your website with a seamless language selector to attract more customers. Each translation can be edited and customized independently..

Custom Forms

Build custom interactive online forms which can be used to collect customer contact details, generate lists of high-quality leads, create surveys, manage event registrations, and so much more. The information submitted by your customers is securely stored within your Bookmark account so you can access and download it with a single click.

Staff Accounts / Contributors

Do you have multiple users collaborating to build the perfect eCommerce store or work on your professional websites on Bookmark? You can set permissions for each indivdual user and work together to build your future-proof website.

Embed Your Own Code

There is practically no limit to what you can add to your website. Embed your own HTML code to your website easily. Javascript, HTML, CSS, 3rd party widgets and much more. With Bookmark website builder, the sky is the limit!

Video Backgrounds

Want to impress your website visitors? Add unique video backgrounds that tells your brand story. You can use hundreds of free videos provided by Bookmark or simply upload your own.

Free Images & Videos

Find the right images and videos effortlessly by simply browsing through different categories inside My Drive within the Bookmark website builder. All pictures can be used on your website for free. Simply double click on any photo or video to add it to your website or upload your own media within seconds.

Edit Images

Edit your images quickly & easily with Bookmark’s Photo Editor. Make sure your images stand out by adding effects and modifying them to fit your unique needs. Enhance, crop & resize any image to look perfect on your website.

Unlimited Pages

Create as many sub-pages as you want for your website. There is no limit to the amount of pages you can add to fully organize your website to your unique website needs.

Your Own Blog

Now you can create your own blog through Bookmark. Blogging has many benefits to create new opportunities for your business. Attract an audience, establish authority, build rapport and engagement. Don’t let the competition get the upper hand, now you can stand out from the competition and tell your story.

Social Media Buttons

Build your online community and followers or share your content. Get your website visitors to visit all your social media channels by linking your profiles using our integrated social media buttons.

Contact and Subscribe Forms

Generating lists of qualified leads has never been simpler! Use our contract and subscribe forms to collect the contact details of your customers. Use this information to target different groups of customers with marketing material relevant to their purchase or engagement journey!

Under Construction Page

Is your website still under construction? Don’t let a boring, “Under Construction” page dissuade your customers from returning back. You can now design this landing page to advertise your business, inform customers about when your website is expected to be live, and so much more!

Custom 404 Page

If you choose to delete a page or change the URL of one, your customer is greeted with a standard 404 error informing them that the page they wanted to visit no longer exists. Create a custom 404 page to redirect your customers to the right place! Never lose another customer to a 404 error again!

Sticky Menus

Do you need a fixed navigation menu which remains visible even as a customer scrolls through a webpage? We’ve got you covered! Use our Sticky Menus feature to have important navigation bars, or notice banners easily accessible for your customers.

Countdown Timer:

Keep your customers informed and engaged with our countdown timers. The timer could be used to further enforce timelines around discounts, create excitement about upcoming offers and launches, and so much more!

Booking App

Allow your customers to book appointments, sign up to events, and make reservations through your website.



Whether you sell online, on social media or in store, Bookmark website builder is your e-commerce solution. Have complete control of your website and all the products that you sell. Customize your site, offer coupons, sell globally with 40 payment options and real-time shipping integrations and support in 50 languages. All credit card transactions are secure with HTTPS protocols used by banks worldwide.

Unlimited Store Products

Bookmark is here to support you and your business as you continue to scale. Whether you sell one product or thousands of them, our platform is built for you.

Sell Digital Goods

You can sell digital products with your Bookmark Business plan, which includes e-books, photos, music, video tutorials, and more in your store. To add a digital product to your store, you can upload a file that will be delivered to customers automatically via unique download links after they make a purchase.


Start your dropshipping business with Bookmark. We have the apps, integrations, and analytics you need to build a simple dropshipping business faster than other website builders.

No Transaction Fees

Bookmark does not charge a fee for any transaction on your website. From simplifying the process of creating future-proof websites to putting all of your hard earned money back into your hands, we are are committed to fastracking your path to success.

Discount Coupon

Boost sales, build brand loyalty, and grow your business by offering customers discounts! Use our discount coupons features to offer discounts that your customers can redeem during the checkout. Create your own unique codes or let your store generate them for you.

Wholesale Pricing Group

With Bookmark, you can offer preferential pricing to all your wholesale customers. With our wholesale pricing feature, you can reward your customers for their bulk purchases by offering them prices others don’t have access to.

Abandoned Cart Saver

Customers are busy, and some of them may leave your page without completing a transaction. With Bookmark, you can automatically send a reminder email to customers who do not complete the checkout process.

Mobile POS

Do you have a physical store that you sell out of? We’ve got you covered! Use Bookmarks mobile POS system to accept payments from customers who choose to shop at your brick and mortar or pop-up location

Recurring Payments / Sell subscriptions

Use the recurring payments feature to build your subscription based eCommerce business. You have the option to set different payment schedules for customers depending on the subscription plan they choose.

Automated Shipping + Tax Calculator

Calculating shipping costs and taxes can be a significant challenge for any business, Bookmark does this for you automatically. Maximize your income by using our inbuilt features to correctly calculate all taxes and logistical costs.

Inventory Management

Keep your customers informed about the latest stock levels with our inventory management system. Inaccurate stock levels is a pain point for customers and business owners, Bookmark’s Inventory Management System can save you from that!

Mobile Management App

Manage your entire business with our mobile app. You can add new products as soon as you take a new photo, manage and process orders right from the palm of your hand, and get notifications on your phone so you can stay on top of your business, without having to be tied to your desk.

Product Reviews

Collecting customer reviews can help to increase your store’s search rankings. Customer-generated content also provides relevant keywords and lots of backlinks to your online store. On top of that, customer reviews build a sense of trust, help people make purchase decisions, and increase conversion rates in your store.

Accept Donations

Build a website for your charity or congregation with Bookmark, we have the tools and resources you need to raise funds from across the globe in a fast and secure way. Collect set donation amounts, or give your customers the ability to donate any amount they desire.

Gift Cards

Grow your customer base by offering them customizable gift cards. With flexible denominations, gift cards are a great way to have new customers continue visiting your store, because unlike discount codes a single gift card can be used multiple times.

Scheduled Order Pickups

To help businesses cope with with social distancing norms, we recently introduced the Scheduled Order Pickups feature. Don’t have customers wait in long lines, allow them to schedule pickups at a time most convenient for them and you. Agility is everything!



Get detailed information and insights on your website visitors and performance. Bookmark’s Analytics dashboard provides all the statistics you need including: your traffic, page views, visitor’s country, language, browser, and much more!

Advertise on Major Marketplaces

Would you like to have your products advertised and sold on the world’s most popular marketplaces? You can do that with Bookmark! Connect your Bookmark store with the world’s most popular sales channels and build a truly global business today. Manage all your products, sales, and transactions from your Bookmark account.

SEO Optimized

Precise optimization makes it easy to target your exact target audience. Reach more people by enhancing your search performance and get more visitors to your website. Don’t get lost in the search jungle and get found by your customers!

Sell on Facebook

Bookmark is built for your business. Connect your Bookmark account the the sales channel of your choice and grow your business exponentially! Manage your sales, inventory and everything else pertaining to your business directly on your Bookmark account. Start your Facebook store in minutes with Bookmark!

Sell on Google

Start selling on the Google store in minutes. You can connect your Bookmark store with Google’s eCommerce platform and get your business in front of millions of new potential customers in no time. You can manage every transaction directly on your Bookmark account

Sell on eBay

Start selling on eBay directly from your Bookmark store. Having your store connected with multiple marketplaces not only increases your client base but also improves the credibility of your business. Connecting your store to these platforms is simple and your Bookmark account continues to serve as the single source of truth.

Sell on Instagram

Start selling on instagram today! Your Bookmark store seamlessly connects with Instagram allowing you to start selling on this platform in minutes. Selling on instagram gives you an opportunity to connect with several influences and have them market your products or services. Manage your entire business with Bookmark!

Sell on Amazon

With Bookmark, you can start your Amazon store with just a few clicks! Start selling on the world’s largest marketplace and get your business the global customer base it deserves. Giving you the flexibility to start selling your products on almost every platform while managing your entire business from your Bookmark account, Bookmark is built for your business.

Data & Security

Unlimited Storage & Bandwidth

Unlike most website builders out there, Bookmark doesn’t want you to worry about your website’s storage limit or bandwidth. Take advantage of unlimited storage and bandwidth.

Amazon Cloud Hosting

Every Bookmark website will utilize the technology called Cloud Computing on Amazon. This technology brings an incredibly powerful, highly reliable, scalable, infrastructure platform for your website. The AWS Cloud spans 53 Availability Zones within 18 geographic Regions and 1 Local Region around the world. Trust your business with the best and don’t settle for the rest.

Daily Website Backups

Backing up your data is very important for your website protection. Feel secure knowing your complete website will be backed up in the cloud at Amazon AWS on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

AWS is a secure, durable technology platform with industry-recognized certifications and audits: PCI DSS Level 1, ISO 27001, FISMA Moderate, FedRAMP, HIPAA, and SOC 1 (formerly referred to as SAS 70 and/or SSAE 16) and SOC 2 audit reports. Our services and data centers have multiple layers of operational and physical security to ensure the integrity and safety of your data.

GDPR Compliance

Bookmark is GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant. Your customers will have complete visibility into how their personal data is used, controlled and protected.


Getting a website that looks awesome across all devices is a touch away. Simply design your website once and get a mobile friendly website that looks great on desktops, mobiles, tablets and more! Preview your website to view exactly how it’ll look on all devices.



Bookmark’s dedicated support team will be there when you need it. We want to provide you with the optimal support and empower you to provide the right experience to your website visitors. Get your questions answered on “Ask an expert” and get access to hundreds of website design experts. Browse through all our how-to videos and help topics or simply reach out via our live chat.

E-Learning Courses

Get the knowledge and skills needed to succeed as an entrepreneur or small business owner. Bookmark provides access to tens of free specialized e-learning courses including: “Starting your online business”, “Facebook Marketing” and a guide to “Personal branding”. Written by industry experts, this is your one-stop shop for web design and web entrepreneurship.

Ask an Expert

Bookmark’s social community allows you to ask questions and get answers from experts, professionals and other Bookmark website builder users.

Feature Roadmap

We keep you informed about the new features we launch and those in the pipeline. You also have the opportunity to request features and integrations you feel would would help your business, we will do our best to include them in future sprints.