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Add images, videos, text, and links.
Complete HTML controls in each tab.
Custom hover and active tab effects.
Custom fonts, colors, backgrounds, and more.
Supports text in any language.
Mobile responsive on any device.

App Overview

Organize and display your content with fully-customizable navigation Tabs. Perfect for managing content and creating product pages. Match your site with adjustable colors, fonts, borders and backgrounds.

Your site represents you, your brand, or your company. Own it, with fully customizable style and look and feel. POWR Tabs lets you make your plugin precisely the way you want it. Choose and adjust colors, background style, borders and edges, and lots more. Style your plugin to fit your site, without expensive developers or designers.

Live Editing
POWR Tabs plugin is simple to customize, right in your live web page. Simply click on the Edit button to open your POWR Editor. You may now customize the style and contents of your Tabs plugin. View your changes in real time, on your actual site. No need to ever leave the page. Just open, customize, and save your edits.

Mobile Responsive
Mobile traffic is important. And successful sites need to be fully responsive to keep up. The following Tabs plugin is optimized to work perfectly on any phone or tablet. So you can worry less about how people are browsing your site, and more about what they'll find.

Cloud Synced
POWR Tabs is a 100% cloud-based tool. This means you can customize your plugin and view your data from anywhere on earth. Simply log in to your POWR account. And best of all, it's simple to use the same Tabs on different pages, all over the internet. Bring the power of cloud-computing into your arsenal, with POWR.

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How it works with Bookmark Overview

Click the 'Show Me' button to add the POWr Tabs onto your website, and from there you can drag and drop the module anywhere on the page

How to use POWr Tabs with Bookmark

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